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MSTNT Design Bureau and HeliX World, Operator of Corporate Communications, are offering their customers and interested enterprises training in the management and use of Autonomous Traffic Management Systems

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Autonomous System User


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Autonomous System Administrator

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Network Administrator


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Network Administrator Advanced

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Registry ID Administrator

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Network Expert

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Testimonials from graduates

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The use of MSTN technology reduces the time required to configure peripheral and remote devices. It eliminates the need to route remote units and significantly reduces maintenance time.
In emergency situations, there is no need to travel to remote sites.

Gregory Livertovsky

4 Dott

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The uniqueness of the technology lies in the use of the implemented concept of intelligent software-defined data transmission networks — MSTNT technology.
The use of MSTNT technology allows to maximise the use of the allocated bandwidth of communication channels and optimise the cost of operation of the entire network as a whole, allows to transfer the entire network infrastructure of the user to the resources of cloud services.

Eduard Yusupov


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A well-designed, one-piece technology that provides all the needs of today’s business processes.

Andrey Korzh


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Customer’s opinion

Thanks to the implementation of the HELIX Autonomous System based on MSTN’s proprietary network technology,
SIXT Rent to Car has significantly improved its network infrastructure, quality of service, security and network management.
In addition, it was able to significantly reduce the network’s cost of ownership.
This was an added bonus.

Nicolas Mavrovouniotis
Operations & Quality Manager, SIXT rent car, Cyprus

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